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Coloured Shoes
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Give Soul to your Sole Give Soul to your Sole

Pop Art Collection


Check out our range of Pop Art Prints footwear. High tops, Low tops, Flip-flops, Slip-ons, you name it and we have it. March your style movement with our collections.


Solids Collection


Crazy range of Solid prints footwear with the touch of new age Ombre. With an extensive pallet across grown ups and kids, flaunt those colors like never before.

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Animal Print Collection


Check out our pre-designed collection of Animal Print footwear. Be it your casual socks, funky Shoes or cool Sliders, unleash your wild side with our amazing designs for grown ups and kids!

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Doodle Collection


Doodling is an art where you do not know what's going to happen next. Find your various expressions in our Doodle Collection for grown ups and kids.


Geometrical Collection


We bring to you shoes that look good from every angle! Browse the coolest pre-designed footwear from our Geometrical Collection and flaunt those eccentric shapes with your footwear. 

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Polka Collection


Profess your love for the classic polka circles! We bring you the most elegant designs from our pre-designed Polka Collection that will help you get spotted in any crowd.

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Happy Feet

Ideal for big shoe sizes

Bought an amazing pair of high-top shoes from their Doodle Collection. As per my search on other web stores, finding stylish designs for a big shoe size is a problem in this category but I was surprised when I tried on the shoes from TFS. It fit me so well without any discomfort. Checked out the other collections too and found them appealing. But the Doodle print was particularly eye-catching and I liked the neat packaging and timely delivery.
Lionel Jones - Photographer

Reliable product (Unique Animal Print design)

I’m glad to have bought my first pair of canvas shoes online from The Funkydelic Store. I wanted something different other than boring old designs. I saw the Animal Print Collection and it looked exciting. The collection seemed to be quite quirky but very stylish and classy. I was pleased with the packaging and there was no problem with the size and fitting.
Jamie William – Digital Marketing Executive

On-time delivery

Happened to come across The Funkydelic Store while looking for kids’ shoes online. I ordered a pair of barefoot canvas shoes from the Doodle collection for my son. There are a variety of fun designs they offer in children’s shoes collections and I chose to customise one for him. The package reached us within 7 days, right from the date of purchase and the production time, to the delivery; well in time before his birthday. The delivery time is quite good considering that the footwear was custom-made. At the same time, the quality of the shoes was great.
Augustine Jones – Software Engineer

Nice lightweight shoes

I was impressed with the Retro Cassette Pop Art Collection and ordered a pair of high-top canvas shoes. When I got the delivery, I was quite impressed with the design and the sturdiness of the shoes. Great for a trek! At the same time, I felt really comfortable when I wore them as they were lightweight and the material was quite breathable.
Scott Baker – Gym Instructor

Cool prints

Found a pair of stylish high-heel ankle boots from the Polka Print collection by TFS. I always thought leather heels were pretty but these canvas heels made me think differently. Was a little worried about the fitting but the shoes are perfect in every way. The design is something I can wear to work and then not worry about when I am heading out for a party. Loved the polka printing, very neatly done! The ordering and delivery of the shoes were seamless.
Anastasia Bradley – Art Director