About us

The Funkydelic Store 

Designing and selling high-quality shoes is in our DNA!

With an experience of close to two decades in the leather fashion industry, we decided to re-model ourselves in tune with the changing times and re-establish the brand as a one-stop-shop for cool, funky and stylish custom-made designer shoes. But we wanted to do more than just offer run-of-the-mill, mass-produced canvas shoes, and thus, was born the idea of The Funkydelic Store.

The Funkydelic Store is a passion - a passion for offering everyone a chance to own a piece of fashion that truly defines them. And, with this idea in mind, we developed a place where you can design your own style, a place where you can ignite the artist in you and turn a designer to get any print of your choice on a variety of items – starting from footwear, and going to socks, masks, etc.

We are a team of charged and focused designers and experts who are fueled by the sole aim of bringing your designs to life. We are driven by visual inspirations which we translate into cool, funky, stylish and trendy designs that epitomize and enhance your style quotient. Spanning a comprehensive range of styles – both self-design as well as pre-printed, we give you the opportunity to shop for your favourite styles, all at one place.

We tirelessly strive to create a streamlined user experience and hassle-free support at every step of your purchase. With us, you will be assured of:

  • Seamless buyer journey
  • Dedicated after-sales service
  • Wide range of customizations
  • 500+ unique and attractive custom handcrafted prints
  • Extensive range of shoe sizes
  • Durable shoe designs and styles

At The Funkydelic Store, we breathe in the common goal of offering high-quality, custom-made styles for people of all genders and design sensibilities. So, what are you waiting for? Design, discover and wear your style today with The Funkydelic Store!