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Cool, funky canvas shoes for your kids at price you want to pay!

With the advent of social media and virtual access to celebrities and influencers, kids as young as 5-year olds know the latest styles in designer footwear! Whether it be shopping kids shoes for the first day of school or just a random pair of sneakers for kids, children today have an opinion on the style and design of their footwear!

So, if you are looking for trendy shoes for kids, then you are in the right place! At The Funkydelic Store, we not only offer you a range of designer shoes for kids but also give you and your little fashionista a chance to design your own shoes!

We bring to you cool, funky, stylish, and trendy print-on-demand shoes for children. From cute sneakers for kids to minimalist shoes for kids, from kids’ hi-tops shoes to designer low-top kid sneakers, from kids’ slip-ons to kids’ barefoot trainers, design your own personalized shoes for kids!

Turn a shoe designer and get a custom print of your kids’ choice printed on their favourite footwear. Are they looking for a picture of their furry friend, a cute princess design, or simply a pair of cool, colourful shoes for kids – you give us their design, and we get the shoes custom-made for the little style icon!

We offer self-design option on the following shoes for kids:

  1. Designer sneaker for kids – custom high-top shoes for kids, low-top sneakers for kids
  2. Slip-on sneakers for kids
  3. Sneakers
  4. Comfortable barefoot shoes for kids

At The Funkydelic Store, we feel that no one should settle for mediocre, mass-produced designs. And so we offer your kid a chance to own a pair of shoes that helps them build and explore their creativity.

Strut in style with a wide range of personalized designer shoes. Get custom-made shoes with us in a few easy steps:

  1. Just select the image you want on your footwear
  2. Select the type of shoe you want – it can be a pair of canvases, a high-top or a low-top, a tie-it-up or a slip-on!
  3. Choose the style of print you want – one side, both sides, all over.
  4. Place the order, and voila, you have created your own custom-designed footwear!

And if you are not in the mood to spend your time and effort into self-design, then browse through our pre-designed collections. Does the little one want a cute Unicorn on their shoes? Check out the magical Unicorn collection! Or have they developed a love for the Anime? Go for the colourful Anime collection! Apart from these two, you can also choose from themes of Zodiac, Camouflage, Floral, Animal Prints, Doodle, Pop Art, and so much more!

Who are we?

Garnering whiplashes for your shoe designs has never been easier!

The Funkydelic Store is fuelled by a team of expert shoe designers who make your designs come to life. We tirelessly work towards creating a seamless consumer experience and ensure quick support at every step of your purchase journey as well as dedicated after-sales service. Our biggest USPs –

  1. Seamless customizations
  2. 500+ unique custom prints to choose from
  3. High-quality and long-lasting designs
  4. Wide range of shoe sizes

So, what are you waiting for? Design, discover and wear your style with our print-on-demand, personalized kids shoes!


Q. What styles of canvas shoes are available for kids at The Funkydelic Store?

A. The Funkydelic Store offers a delightful array of canvas shoe styles for kids, including low-top, high-top, slip-ons, and more. Each style is designed to infuse fun and comfort into their little steps.

Q. Can I find cute and playful custom prints for kids' canvas shoes at The Funkydelic Store?

A. Absolutely! We take pride in curating adorable and playful custom prints for kids' canvas shoes. From cartoon characters to colorful patterns, we have something that every kid will love.

Q. Are the canvas shoes for kids at The Funkydelic Store durable and child-friendly?

A. Yes! Our canvas shoes for kids are crafted with durable materials to withstand their playful adventures. They are designed with child-friendly features for a safe and comfortable wearing experience.

Q. Do canvas sneakers for kids provide ample support and cushioning for active play?

A. Indeed! Our canvas sneakers are engineered to offer ample support and cushioning, ensuring kids' feet stay happy and comfortable while they explore and play to their heart's content.

Q. What makes canvas slip-ons a convenient and stylish choice for kids' footwear?

A. Canvas slip-ons are a convenient and stylish choice for kids' footwear because they are easy to slip on and off, saving time during busy moments. Moreover, they come in various fun and playful designs that children adore, allowing them to express their unique personalities.

Q. Are canvas slip-ons suitable for various occasions and easy to wear for kids?

A. Absolutely! Canvas slip-ons are the epitome of ease and versatility. They are suitable for casual outings, weekend hangouts, and even semi-formal events. Slip them on effortlessly, and your kids are good to go!

Q. What types of creative and vibrant custom prints are available for kids' canvas shoes?

A. Our creative minds go all out to design vibrant custom prints that appeal to kids' imaginations. From cute animals to playful patterns, there's no shortage of delightful choices.

Q. Can kids wear canvas clogs comfortably while expressing their unique style?

A. Yes! Our canvas clogs are designed for maximum comfort and style. Kids can wear them with ease while showcasing their unique personalities and having fun.

Q. How do I clean and care for kids' canvas shoes to keep them looking fresh and fun?

A. Cleaning kids' canvas shoes is a breeze! Simply wipe off dirt and stains with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, mild soap and water should do the trick. Let them air dry, and they'll be ready for new adventures.

Q. What is the return and exchange policy at The Funkydelic Store for kids' canvas shoes?

A. We offer a hassle-free 15-day return and exchange policy for kids' canvas shoes. If you're not entirely satisfied, you can exchange the shoes for a different size or style within 15 days of receiving them. Please note that we do not offer refunds.