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Love stylish canvas shoes? You have hit the right spot!

Are you a self-confessed shoe-lover? Do you want your shoes to be one-of-a-kind? Have you ever thought about designing your own shoes? Then, welcome to The Funkydelic Store!

We bring to you cool, funky, stylish, and trendy print-on-demand footwear for men. Be it sneakers for men or canvas shoes for men, hi-tops or low-tops, slip-ons or sliders or flip-flops, design your own custom shoes for men! Turn a shoe designer and get a custom print of your choice printed on your favourite footwear. Want some trendy shoes for men with a picture of your dog, a cool mandala design, a memorable sunset or simply a pair of vibrant, colourful shoes for men – you give us your design, and we get your shoes custom-made for you.

We offer self-design option on the following men’s footwear:

  1. Designer sneakers for men – Hi-tops, Low-tops, Slip-ons
  2. Custom Sliders for men
  3. Custom Flip-flops for men
  4. Barefoot running shoes for men

And if you feel self-design is not your cup of tea, then browse through our pre-designed collections. Are you a headstrong Leo and want to flaunt your strong sign? Check out the Zodiac Collection. Or have you just watched ‘Naruto’, and feel like displaying your love for Anime? Go for the vibrant Anime design collection! Apart from these two, you can also choose from themes of Galaxy, Psychedelic, Camouflage, Mandala, Animal Prints, Tribal, Pop Art, Checkers, and much more!

At The Funkydelic Store, we feel that no one should settle for mediocre, mass-produced designs. And so we offer you a chance to own a pair of shoes that truly define you.

Strut in style with a wide range of personalized designer shoes. Get custom-made shoes with us in a few easy steps:

  1. Just select the image you want on your footwear
  2. Select the type of shoe you want – it can be a pair of canvases, a high-top or a low-top, a tie-it-up or a slip-on!
  3. Choose the style of print you want – one side, both sides, all over.
  4. Place the order, and voila, you have created your own custom-designed footwear!

Who are we?

Garnering whiplashes for your shoe designs has never been easier!

The Funkydelic Store is fuelled by a team of expert shoe designers who make your designs come to life. We tirelessly work towards creating a seamless consumer experience and ensure quick support at every step of your purchase journey as well as dedicated after-sales service. Our biggest USPs –

  1. Seamless customizations
  2. 500+ unique custom prints to choose from
  3. High-quality and long-lasting designs
  4. Wide range of shoe sizes

So, what are you waiting for? Get your funk on today, with our print-on-demand, personalized shoes for men!